How To Create Transparent signature From Scanned Image in Corel Draw

Using CorelDraw x7

1. Ensure the scanned image is in bitmap or converted to bitmap
2. On the bitmap look for Mode and select Black and white (1bit)
3. in the dialog Conversion Method box, select Line art and adjust the threshold to your desire line art mode
4. Then selcet bitmap then Outline trace, then Line art
5. A Power Trace dialog will pop up
6. Inside the dialog box, check the option that “Remove colour from entire image”
7. Than will give you transparent background Image
8. At this point You will now have two images with Newly traced at the top
9. Click on it and drag it down,
10. then to add colour to the line, right click on the colour box and select colour you want, black or blue
11. Then select the image and choose Export for Office option in the File Menu
12. this would allow the image to be saved as a transparent file image.